Anton Rubinstein: Демон/The Demon (1875)

Opera in prologue, three acts, and epilogue (performed in seven tableaux). Running Time: 2 hours 10 minutes (14 minute ballet cut). This review is a request, although why I did not review it sooner is my own fault. Yeah I know. These operas just keep getting darker and darker. First Rusalka, then Parisina, then Iris, […]

Pietro Mascagni: Iris (1898)

Opera in three acts. Running Time: 2 hours 8 minutes. 1898 poster from the first production.  Another incredibly long Mascagni post. This one is 2626 words! Considering how much I claim to dislike Mascagni I review a lot of his opera and write a lot about them! I didn’t think I could find a social […]

Pietro Mascagni: Parisina (1913)

Opera in four acts. Running Time: 3 Hours 13 Minutes. Title Page of the 1913 publication of the libretto.  I made a coin toss between this and Iris. This obviously won but I plan on releasing Iris very soon. This is an opera that feels excessively longer than it actually is (my post is also longer […]

Antonin Dvorak: Rusalka (1901)

Opera in three acts. Running Time: Generally something around 2 hours 30 minutes. Warning: It has taken me a very long time, perhaps too long, to review this opera, partially because I find the storyline very dark and disturbing. It isn’t that it isn’t a masterpiece: the music is breathtaking, but it is, at least […]

Antonin Dvorak: Armida (1904)

Opera in four acts. Running Time: 2 hours 32 minutes. May Day this year marked the 115th anniversary of the death of Antonín Dvorak, so I finished up this review of his final opera as well as Rusalka. The recording included here is an 1956 Supraphon release with Milada Šubrtova, Ivo Zidek, and Zdenek Otava conducted […]