Andre Messager: Fortunio (1907)

Opera in four acts. Running Time 1 hour 42 minutes. PLOT: France, 1830s. Fortunio (tenor) is employed as a clerk for Maitre Andre (baritone), who also employs his cousin Landry (baritone-martin). Andre’s wife Jacqueline (soprano) is carrying on an affair with Captain Clavaroche (baritone) and decides to use Fortunio has a decoy so as to […]

Giuseppe Verdi: Nabucco (1842)

Opera in four acts. Running Time: 1 hour 56 minutes. With this review all Verdi operas have been covered by either Sir Denis Forman in “A Night at the Opera” or myself. Videos of this opera can range from 111 to 147 minutes, which I believe is due to conducting speed. I chose this one […]

Jules Massenet: Le Mage (1891)

Grand opera en cinq actes. Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes. This is probably the last opera written specifically in the grand opera genre. It comes complete in the traditional five act package with a full ballet in the fourth act, historical-fictional culture clash, and religion, here Zoroastrian monotheistic dualism vs. Persian polytheism. It may […]

Emmanuel Chabrier: Le Roi malgré Lui (1887)

Opera-Comique en trois actes. Running Time 2 hours 12 minutes (music only, with dialogue about 30 to 40 minutes longer). This is in my opinion Chabrier’s finest opera. The music is often chromatic but also maintains a 16th century feel, at least vaguely. The plot is ludicrous and it may feel at times that there […]