This blog is about setting operas free! Well, that might sound high blown, but I do want people to know about the operas I review. These will usually be rare neglected operas that barely ever see the light of day, and I will make the argument that these works of art do not deserve the neglect they have been subjected to.

I have recently come upon the music of the Italian composer Alfredo Catalani, and have been greatly impressed with his work and disturbed by how isolated and neglected his compositions have been. I will be reviewing all five of his operas, (2 already posted at this date!) and many, many others in the coming years as I maintain this blog.

The operas you will find here will sometimes be by famous composers who are now ignored like Meyerbeer, long forgottenĀ 19th century composers like Foroni, and even by world famous composers like Bizet. What I want is for people to know and even to love these operas as I do.

Thank you for reading (and subscribing to!) my blog,