Bedrich Smetana: Tajemstvi/The Secret (1878)

Opera in three acts. Running Time: 1 hour 47 minutes. The second collaboration between Smetana and Krasnohorska, this was not nearly so successful as The Kiss. Unlike even his first opera, The Brandenburgs in Bohemia, the score is hardly through-composed, and in fact it is probably the most tuneless thing, but the characterizations are more fleshed out than in […]

Camille Saint-Saens: Les Barbares (1901)

Tragedie-lyrique en trois actes. Running Time: 2 hours 1 minute. Here it is, the opera that divided Parisian critics in 1901! An exercise in cold, chromatic indifference, Les Barbares is an opera some hate, few love, and most would prefer to forget. SETTING: The City of Orange in Roman Gaul (modern southern France), first century B.C.E. The […]