Jules Massenet: Thaïs (1898 Version)

Opera en trois actes et sept tableaux. Running Time: 2 hour 23 minutes. This review is of the 1976 studio recording  released by EMI with Beverly Sills in the title role with Nicolai Gedda, and Sherrill Milnes. St. Thaïs/St. Mary Magdalene (Which?), Painting by Jose de Ribera (1641).  FOR THOSE SHORT FOR TIME: Anna Moffo as Thaïs […]

Jules Massenet: Cendrillon (1899)

Opera en quatre actes. Running Time: 2 hours 16 minutes. I know, I know, the role of le Prince Charmant was written for a soprano, but I am tired out of breeches parts and if I have to spend over two hours on this I want it to be with Nicolai Gedda! Also, technically isn’t […]

Anton Rubinstein: Демон/The Demon (1875)

Opera in prologue, three acts, and epilogue (performed in seven tableaux). Running Time: 2 hours 10 minutes (14 minute ballet cut). This review is a request, although why I did not review it sooner is my own fault. Yeah I know. These operas just keep getting darker and darker. First Rusalka, then Parisina, then Iris, […]

Pietro Mascagni: Iris (1898)

Opera in three acts. Running Time: 2 hours 8 minutes. 1898 poster from the first production.  Another incredibly long Mascagni post. This one is 2626 words! Considering how much I claim to dislike Mascagni I review a lot of his opera and write a lot about them! I didn’t think I could find a social […]